Europan 15 Hyvinkää competition

Birds eye view
Birds eye view from south towards the competition area

Nembi was awarded a special mention in Europan 15 competition in Hyvinkää. Our proposal ”Come together” was seen as succeeding in enhancing the entire competition area with a diverse and blanced approach. Furthermore the scale and the design of the proposal was seen as a good fit with the existing building stock and a quirky and distinctive addition to the city centre.

The proposal is designed to address the different layers of the urban environment to achieve the goal set in the competition program: a productive city. The competition area is transformed to a continuous network of meaningful places. To achieve this the urban environment needs to be designed with a pedestrians first approach. Furthermore the plan is made green at heart with a diverse program & smart solutions. Finally the elements of the plan are designed for unique identity.

Our proposal “Come together” plan transformed Hyvinkää station area and its surroundings to a connected urban environment that creates a continuous, vibrant and green urban flow. The plan connects the key functions of the city center through series of memorable public places. With the addition of well-placed new functions and the  enhanced proximity through new urban connections the east and west side are brought closer together physically, visually and mentally. This allows for the area to prosper as a productive urban core.

The proposed plan is based on five main themes:

  • Network of meaningful places
  • Prioritizing pedestrians
  • Green at heart
  • Healthy, active and smart living
  • Vibrant, artful and Green identity


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