Lakeside Villa


This concept Villa was designed to a site where the back of the Villa is facing a dense forest and the front is facing beautiful lakeside views. The aim is to maximize views from the interior so that the daily activities can be done while enjoying the calming presence of the lake. This is perhaps best visible in the cross section of the sauna: the lakeside view is visible from the sauna, shower and the benches inside and outside. The floor plan is organised so that all but one of the rooms have lakeside views. One of the two bedrooms opens toward the forest in order to have alternatives for the atmosphere of the sleeping room.

The simple floor plan is investigated carefully to form a spatial hierarchy so that different activities of the Finnish summer can take place at the same time. The lakeside terrace is divided into to parts so that cooling off during the sauna can be done in private while other Villa goers may still enjoy the living room terrace. The opening of the Villa  towards the lake is accentuated by cutting off the terraces in light wood tone from the dark tone of the Villa’s exterior.

The Villa concept was designed together with architect Matias Mäenpää.


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