Forest Villa

Summertime view towards the entrance

This wooden Villa makes a playful new take on a rather traditional design of log-framed villas in Finland. The basic concept lies in the cross-section of the villa. It’s as if 1-storey high and 2-storey high villas were cut in half and put together. Thus a clever cross-section is achieved where living room is tall yet comfortable in scale while the other half is 2-storey high with flexible loft-like 2nd floor throughout the building.

The exterior plays with stark contrasts. The envelope of the building is dark wood while the terrace that is “pushed inside” is light naturally treated wood. The noticeable roofline is accentuated with a light grey metal roofing. The design was made to suite both iconic summer and winter scenes in Finnish nature.

The Villa concept was designed together with architect Matias Mäenpää.

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