Architects declare Finland: Future visions

Nembi is taking part in the global movement “Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency“. The declaration raises the issues of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss as the most serious issues of our time. As buildings and construction account for almost 40 % of energy-related CO2 emissions and have a huge impact on natural habitats we need to start acting now. Us designers and everybody working in the construction industry need to start addressing these issues immediately. We need to refocus our objectives and change our daily practices, in order to create a more sustainable future.

In order to start to find concrete actions Architects declare Finland has launched Future visions (news article about the launch here), an image bank of visions to inspire the Finnish building industry to start acting for change. Nembi took part with a couple of our visions which can be found below. This is a good reminder for each of us to critically rethink our practice.

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